Testing properties with QuickCheck


“Choose your own adventure”

Lightning talk, Brisbane Software Testers

Quick overview

  • Test properties of your programs.
  • Randomised test inputs.

Demo (basics)

Appeal to authority

Better than unit testsMichael Nygard (2013)

Testing UI

  • Choose your own adventure.
  • randomised user actions.

Demo (arbitrary)

Testing Concurrent Systems

… or …

  • Concurrent
  • Testing
  • Systems


Concurrent systems (2)

  • Google “Erlang QuviQ” to find reports and talks.
  • Distributed Systems are Concurrency Systems that span multiple nodes.
    • i.e. these ideas apply to Distributed Systems.
    • i.e. web


References (2)

Testing Concurrent Systems

References (3)

Testing Distributed Systems

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