Finally finished Rod Johnson’s “J2EE Design and Development” afew weeks ago. I’ve plowed through the Hibernate doco and now I’m onto “Hibernate in Action”. I was surprised to find the following inane comment:

Doing away with Java and SQL and starting from scratch isn’t considered elegant.

Perhaps it could be elegant! Though not very practical…

I wasn’t surprised to see non-relational data management poo pooed. But rather than saying “only RDBMS are supported by Hibernate”, we get:

Are the relational data model and (especially) SQL the right choices for peristence in object-oriented application? We answer this question immediately: Yes! There are many reasons why SQL databases dominate the computing industry. Relational database management systems are the only proven data management technology and are almost always a requirement in any Java project.

Probably true if a little overstated. Hibernate certainly take a practical stance to object persistence.